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Who We Are

DuoNB is currently being bootstrapped by the following organizations and individuals.

The very idea of building DuoNB is hatched among Allen You, ZoomQuiet, and Chance Jiang, who have been product and tech pioneers in smart home, software engineering and connected products. Since 2019, they’ve been engaging more and more individual and organizational members, with their respective expertise and services, who’re committed to help each other along the DuoNB Design Principles in designing and building smart home systems for a sustainable future.

In less than two months since we agreed on the idea, we decided to start DuoNB community in September 2021. We’ve gathered enough attention from China’s core communities in chip design & fabrication, networking tech firms, IoP (Internet of Production) tooling, and manufacturing in general.

Founding Members

  • Shenzhen Intelli-Engine Tech LLC (Shenzhen) / 深圳智擎科技, core design and licensing organization of DuoNB
  • Chatek LLC, tech solution consultancy around IoT, AI/LLMs and Web3
  • Guo Xin Wei / 国芯微 (Shenzhen), PLCIoT chipset maker based in Shenzhen.

Ecosystem Members

  • Wikifactory (China), the Internet of Production platform and the place where builders are seamlessly collaborate across the globe from design to manufacturing physical products.

Supportive Academia & Governments

Certified Builders

We’re aligning the 1st batch of manufacturers who’s been certified to build product series with or around the DuoNB stack.

Consider joining?

Please firstly join one of our calls and get a sense of who we are, what we are doing, and understand our Why. If you or your organization can contribute as well as benefit from being part of our community, drop us a line at to let us know.