Community Call How-to

As an early-stage tech alliance and community, DuoNB focuses on online calls and events on topics that can drive interests to potential product innovation by the DuoNB Principles.

DuoNB Community Call is currently the primary activity moderated by community managers nominated from alliance members, to promote open sharing and discussion on the many aspects of business, products, technologies, and supply chain.

DuoNB Community Calls can be jointly hosted with other friendly communities, such as UIH - Unbuntu Innovation Hub (Foshan), and can be hosted as either virtual or in-person meetups or both.

Community Call How-to

We currently run the following types of community calls for DuoNB Alliance members and friends,

  1. DuoPlus Alliance Calls, are on-demand calls from alliance members. We’re boostrapping DuoPlus Alliance by building firstly one of its child-alliances, DuoNB Alliance.

  2. Project Team Calls, such as DuoNB projects’ team calls, are held weekly among project memebers.

  3. Project Community Calls, is for a DuoNB project’s community, a larger audience than dev team of the project, typically hosted once bi-weekly.

Call apps we use

Track and join calls/events/meetups

All meetups, calls or events are published on Events section of this website.

Except for alliance governance calls, which we’ll record and publish the recording afterwards on this webiste, communities calls and all other types of calls or meetups, virtual or in-person, are on a propose-approval or request-approval basis by community members.

Currently, community calls for in Q1, 2022 are open for recommendation except those already scheduled here. Please send us your ideas or thoughts to

Call Topics for 2022

A. Industry SeriesHostsSchedule
DuoPlus Product FrameworkChaired by Allen You, and Chance JiangEvents for Q1 2022
Cross-boarder partnershipChaired by Ali Mohammad, Ubuntu Innovation Hub
Co-chaired by Ryan Sy, CMO,
Events for Q1 2022
B. Business SeriesHostsSchedule
Smart applicance trends and
IoP - Internet of Production
Chaired by Ryan Sy,
Co-chaired by Sunny Yang,
Events for Q1 2022
C. Prodcut SeriesHostsSchedule
IoT tech and app designChaired by Alex Choi,
Co-chaired by Chance J., ifanr Cloud
Events for Q1 2022

Social Networks

We are also active on social channels where you can reach out to us to share your general feedback, check our new events, announcements and engage with the rest of the community!


The DuoNB ecosystem is currenty on boostrap mode. Your contribution will firstly be your time engaging with DuoNB community by joing events, participate in discussions and sharing your insides from your own professional stance.

The easiest contributions you can make is to let more people know about us, by sharing our website, blog posts, or event notices to those who might find us helpful in advancing their own courses and building new products and services around the DuoPlus Principles. for connected product innovation.


We are managing community events and webinars on 糖纸 (Candy Paper) MiniApp, hosted by Our meetup platform Candy Paper / 糖纸 facilitates easy access to community events for knowledge-sharing, collaboration & community-driven innovation.

Track and join our meetups by scanning following QR with your WeChat!

You are also welcome to start your own local user group/meetup to advocate for DuoNB community and reach out to interested product makers and developers. Let us know about your course and we are happy to support you!

Community projects

We’re currently incubating the 1st batch of DuoNB open source projects, covering a diverse product or tools, from MiniApp ready to use to smart home/office networking stack and utilities. Stay tuned for more!

Apps built on DuoNB Principles.

Our member organizations are working on various demo apps and projects. We’ll update them here as they become available.