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DuoNB Alliance is a tech alliance and community for the 3-in-1 networking for home and office.

Enable efficient 3-in-1 networking, optical, power and IoT-control.

Cost-efficient for makers and manufactureres.

Enable combinatorial innovation through bottom-up collaboration.

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What is DuoNB?

DuoNB is an alliance and a community for New Band, an emerging 3-in-1 networking stack, combining optical, power and IoT-control, for smart home/office networking and even web3 infrastructure. It features open source software and hardware toolkits (under incubation) for building a new generation of applications, such as smart lighting controllers, ultra low-latency networks, or even Web3 networking stacks.

DuoNB supports existing and emerging networking protocols, such as Wi-Fi 6 (TWT - Target Wait Time) or PLCBus.

DuoNB is also an industrial alliance and community for partners in appliance product ecosystem who share the same vision on innovation by adhering to the DuoNB Principles on connected product design.


Open collaboration on tech and product development has proven to be the catalysts for more innovations and entrepreneurship. In China's context, chip makers, product and service companies in smart home industries have reached more consensus than ever before on what and how is innovation happening so that the ecosystem as a whole can capture more consumer demands by open collaboration.

DuoNB by itself is a series of software, firmware, open hardware and developer tools that appliance makers on which they can customize their products, so that their ideas can be turned into products or services faster and with lower cost in R&D.

Centered around DuoNB's open source tech and tools, we're building a public channel for ecosystem partners to learn from each other, share insights, and form new partnerships.

DuoNB Principles

There are 3 design principles for building apps on DuoNB, which we call the DuoNB Principles on connected product design.

  1. Off-cloud First Design
    Product or service built upon DuoNB shall be "Off-cloud First", and only connected to the cloud on user's permission and out of necessity for tech support, problem diagnosis or regulatory compliance.
  2. Minimal Data Collection
    User's data protected by laws shall be collected at a minimum so that both user value and product features are realized with proper balance, and a product's data privacy design is more likely compliant.
  3. Open Source as Go-to-Market
    Few individual developers or businesses in China are doing open source work for its own sake. Successful open source projects as go-to-market strategy are on the rise. We at DuoNB community advocate and help product makers or service providers formulate their open source business models. This is THE substainable way forward as on how the industries embrace open source.

What are binding us together as a community are the above principles under which connected products should be built. So that we, as human beings, can build connected products that are safer, fairer to use, and more substainable for the spaces where we live and work.

Who are with DuoNB Alliance

At DuoNB, we're committed to supporting community members' success!

Alliance members frequently contribute engineering hours, open source code & hardware design, and support academic, student, or sister open source projects and non-profit organizations.

A growing a list of DuoNB Alliance members and ecosystem partners,

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If you have any questions or feedback, please shoot us a message at info@duonb.org

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