Stabilizing electricity for 4 billion people

Micro-framework that converges renewable energy, optical networking and content for sustainable homes.

The Global South/the emerging markets economies and societies cannot efficiently and sustainably grow by copying whole-sale the centralized energy and Internet infrastructure of the developed regions.

We need to re-define and re-engineer from ground up distributed energy and Internet systems that can sustainably grow with the current tech innovations, such as crypto and LLMs, and supply chain power houses, such as China.

DuoNB redefined a whole new infrastructure converging renewable energy, optical networking and wired data protocols. We embrace open source go-to-market models and promote the 3 principles of co-development to grow its core tech with our global users and partners.

DuoNB’s vision is not only compatible with the SDGs of United Nation, but also laying the foundation for self-sovereign and local-first economies free from the evils of Web2 greed, such as its convoluted and human attention hungry business model.

The new urban infrastructure built with DuoNB can naturally integrate into any geo-locations and regions of distinct political, cultural, or religious traditions.

DuoNB is a revolution to light up new human civilization.

DuoNB Design Principles

There are 3 design principles for building sustainable home appliances and apps on top of DuoNB, called DuoNB Design Principles.

  • Local-first Data Governance, Product or service built upon DuoNB shall adopt the Local-First data modeling, and only connected to the cloud on user’s permission and out of necessity for tech support, problem diagnosis or regulatory compliance.

  • Minimal Data Collection, User’s data protected by laws shall be collected at a minimum so that both user value and product features are realized with proper balance, and a product’s data privacy design is more likely compliant.

  • Open Source as Go-to-Market, Few individual developers or businesses in China are doing open source work for its own sake. Successful open source projects as go-to-market strategy are on the rise. We at DuoNB community advocate and help product makers or service providers formulate their open source business models. This is THE sustainable way forward as on how the industries embrace open source.

What binding us together as a community are the above principles under which products and services are built on top of DuoNB. So that we, as human beings, can build products that are safer, fairer to use, and more sustainable for the spaces where we live and work.